Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design

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Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. What should every airline and manufacturer know about comfort? What can we learn from studies in the scientific literature?

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What do most passengers know about comfort and how can we translate that into interior design? Where can I find the latest knowledge and research useful for designing aircraft seats? It used essentially the same approach as the fabric slides used to evacuate burning buildings in the 19th century. Inflatable escape slides became available about the same time as the early jet-powered airplanes were entering the final design stages in the United States in These slides used a tube-on-tube design, with the evacuee sliding on a large center tube with two side-rail tubes, an approach that greatly advanced safety standards.

Aircraft Cabin Interiors, Dive Into The Future Of Airplane Cabin Design

Because of the physical bulk of the escape slide system, it was not practical to locate the equipment anywhere except above the ceiling. As a result, deployment of these early slides was relatively difficult, requiring five separate operations to reposition the slide from the ceiling to the floor so it could be inflated — all after the door was opened.

The next major change in escape slide design occurred around with the introduction of slides with two parallel tube members with a sliding surface suspended between the tubes. A head tube at the top provided support and stability at the upper end of the slide, a toe-end tube provided ground support, and a cross-tube maintained side-tube separation.

These new slides included a metal girt bar that allowed the slide to be attached to the airplane floor, a girt consisting of a fabric panel between the girt bar and the head tube to secure the slide to the airplane, and a manual inflation handle on the girt to manually inflate the escape slide. By , improvements in materials and inflation systems reduced the weight and bulk of the slide system, making it practical to move the slides out of the ceiling to the lower inboard face of the cabin doors see fig.

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Further improvements in the efficiency of the aspirators that inflate the slides reduced inflation times to as few as six seconds by Detachable girts made it possible to detach the inflated escape slide from the airplane in a ditching situation to serve as a supplemental flotation device. Automatic inflation of escape slides was introduced a couple of years later, providing yet another element of safety: Untrained passengers could now open a door and inflate the slide during an emergency.

Award Winning Aircraft Interiors Designs

Later, automatic escape slides became a requirement at all floor-level exits. By the last half of the s, development work began to incorporate the features of a raft into an escape slide. The first such units were put into operation in Slides inflate and extend to the ground automatically from varying airplane heights and attitudes.

They are made with fire-resistant materials and remain rigid after being deployed. Materials used for slides resist burning and meet the latest radiant heat requirements.

They are also resistant to fluids, food contamination, and exposure to sun. And they must also be capable of being deployed into knot winds from any direction. An extensive test program is carried out by both the escape slide manufacturer and the airframe manufacturer to ensure the escape slide system meets all performance requirements.

Possibilities to improve the aircraft interior comfort experience.

This involves thousands of slide deployments and hundreds of live subjects. Typical tests include:. Accidents involving the current generation of commercial airplanes are rare but offer important insights into advancements in the safety and crashworthiness of airplane design. These advancements reflect decades of innovation and targeted efforts to improve survivability in an airplane accident, especially during takeoffs and landings. By Alan J. All Rights Reserved.

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Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design
Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design Aircraft Interior Comfort and Design

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