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I got an invigilator to sort me out. I passed that first year. There is no shame in looking for help. I am 20 years old and one year clear of graduating university. I am 20 and I am a dyslexic writer. Request to speak with a youth worker in your area over the phone, by email or text.

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Welcome to Ireland's Youth Information Website. Share Tweet. Related Article How to manage dyslexia. Share this article -. Tags dyslexia dyspraxia learning. Can this be improved?

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    Write for us If you're aged 16 - 25 you can submit articles to be published on SpunOut. Newsletter Sign Up. I know this from experience with my own son:.

    In the first days at his first school my son became very depressed; he looked desperate when he came home from school, and during the night he had horrible nightmares, dreaming that he would be killed, getting up from his bed, crying, running away, once he was about to climb through the open window of his room to escape on the roof of our house.

    Low self-esteem, feeling of learned helplessness, anxiety, depression, truancy, and sometimes even suicides, all these negative outcomes of dyslexia are known, as well as the difficulties that dyslexic adults experience if they failed at school or during higher education, with difficulties finding work without any qualifications, and dropping out of society.

    Several studies have confirmed the high level of dyslexics in prison. Therefore, it is essential that dyslexics of any age should understand their difficulties. Adapted teaching includes research-based explanations which have to be given to dyslexic students, of any age, in clear language which can be easily understood.

    Here are some key points:. There are many dyslexics in every country and every language. Some languages are more difficult to read and write than others. This means for example over 3 million in France alone. The dyslexic student has to know that he is not alone in the world!

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    Genetic factors linked to dyslexia have been known for many years, and have been confirmed by recent research. Dyslexics are likely to discover dyslexic relatives in their family. Functional Cerebral Imagery is becoming more and more accurate, showing parts of the brain of dyslexic people working less at phonological tasks. This makes the neurobiological basis of dyslexia visible. Descriptions of dyslexic difficulties should be explained and it must be emphasized that dyslexia does not mean a lack of intelligence. It is important to mention the difficulties to construct and to use automatically the mental lexicon, at the origin of their reading and writing problems.

    It can be used to illustrate the working of memory to a dyslexic person. Points which are often considered as weaknesses in childhood, may become strengths! Examples include managing time, space, organization and social relationships. Dyslexic adults, however, can become very well organized, perfectly ordered, and even gifted in the field of space organization, with good spatial awareness skills, becoming excellent architects, designers and painters. Having suffered when younger, dyslexics may often be very sensitive and able to understand the feelings of other people.

    Social relationships can become their strength, and they can be excellent leaders. In sum then, knowledge and information will lead dyslexic person to self-awareness, and understanding of:. Self-awareness in the best case leads to self-advocacy, which can be vital for instance in education and in the workplace. Consider how important it might be to spend time focusing on this aspect! So far I have argued that early support for dyslexia is crucial.


    Six myths about living with dyslexia dispelled

    This first step of support should be informing the dyslexic of his or her conditions and lead to self-awareness and ultimately self-advocacy. Teaching techniques should be adapted to each dyslexic learner's individual needs. The final important point I wish to mention is the wealth of technological help — ICT — available for the dyslexic.

    TTS provides a synchronized presentation of speech and text, synchronized auditory-visual representation of documents, which enables slow readers to read faster, increasing the time they can sustain attention to reading and improving also text comprehension. These applications may be used by for example in the classroom to take notes, or to write a text. Finally, back to my dyslexic son. He is now a gifted cabinetmaker with his own workshop.

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    He constantly uses speech recognition software for his detailed estimates. That makes him really very happy.

    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia
    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia
    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia
    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia
    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia
    Living With Dyslexia Living With Dyslexia

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