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In our lessons you expand your knowledge of the basics of German grammar in small groups. Learning a language requires a significant investment of time and hard work, and this course, as the first part of two beginner German courses, is an intensive learning experience. German courses in Germany. What is the goal of the German course B1? At the end of the B1 language course, the participants will be able to discuss an interesting and more complex topic.

To obtain the "Zertifikat Integrationskurs", you must first prove that you have been awarded the overall result of B1 in the "German test for immigrants" DTZ language test. All four tests, each with 12 - 20 questions, build on each other and are progressively more difficult. What Will I Learn? Hold an advanced conversation in German.

Would you like to learn German or improve your existing German skills? This site contains a basic overview of the German language for English-speaking students. Course Duration 5 to 6 month. An excellent language course that primarily improves your listening skills. In this course the native German speaking teacher covers the following topics: German vocabulary, German grammar rules intermediary-advanced , German pronunciation, German syntax, famous Germans, a brief history of Germany, German dialects, German writing and many teaching German exercises. So if you want to take a German B1 exam in Berlin, there is no need to be afraid.

It deals with key issues from day-to-day life, for example education, work, protecting the environment and media.

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Learn German in half the time you need to learn it in a class room. The evening German course at Axioma Language School is held two nights per week and conducted in small groups, with a duration of 12 weeks per module. The lessons are given in modern classrooms by qualified German teachers with extensive experience in teaching German as a foreign language. Classes can be individual or in small groups and begin 4 weeks before the exam with two classes per week. In addition, grammar will be taught and the participants will learn the most important structures of the German language.

This level corresponds to the Common European Framework of the European Council for the study of languages. You can confidently register for the German examination B1 and take part in this German exam in Berlin. The course, comprising five hours of intensive language training a day, is taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers so as to achieve the best possible learning outcome.

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The intensive German lessons consist of 4 lesson hours and there is a 30 minutes break in the middle, so that you can recover your energy for the second part of the lesson. Certification possible: DaF B1. The intermediate level B1 pushes the student to use the more standard language.

The course not only focuses on speaking and listening skills, additional work on Learn German Timetable and registration Course material for German B1. How good is your German right now? Test your German online! Learning German online has never been easier. You can of course inquire about working one on one with me. The courses the visa applicants are expecting to complete shall contain minimum 18 hours of lessons each week.

In addition to vocabulary and grammar training, you can experience the Swiss-German culture through cooking, baking or a visit to the cinema and you will have lots of fun learning! It certifies that candidates are independent users of the German language and corresponds to the third level B1 on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR.

The German courses consist of 6 modules 2 per language level. German is a beautiful language. You are getting more and more comfortable with German. The lessons get a little more intense with more grammar topics and complex structures and increased vocabulary.

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Our German courses in Berlin feature peerless teachers and great group dynamics. The german course B1 is geared towards students with prior knowledge of German to level A2. I cannot say it is exactly 80 percents of the course what did help, but I can reflect pretty clear how the SG course has helped me in specific ways, and so the hugely.

Deutsch Aktiv language Institute courses. In this series of video lessons, we learn German at the intermediate level with our friendly instructor, Jenny. On Deutsch Interaktiv you can learn and train the vocabulary of this course in different languages. Our teachers provide interesting and creative lessons and enjoy using fun and exciting teaching methods. The online course "Deutsch Interaktiv" covers levels A1 to B1 in 30 lessons. Namaste German offers you the finest German language learning course according to your level and interests.

Learn to speak German like a native Online live classes. Depending on your study field and the purpose of your stay in Germany you will learn the German language in different contexts. Deutsche Welle offers other courses as well, for example Free online self-study German language course Deutsche Welle : 30 parts, exercises, authentic German texts, audios and videos, A1-A2-B1 levels.

There may be some information and instructions in Danish, but then we repeat them in Learn German in small and homogeneous groups; Your classmates will be on the same level as you, so you can learn German as efficient as possible. Understanding the main points of clear standard instructions and information about familiar matters regularly encountered at work and leisure CEFR language levels explained. See price list below. Only the German version of words not Austrian or Swiss are included. This German course is subdivided into B1.

Special German programs Part-time German courses.

Please see the courses below. Exercises, audio, videos and tests complement your independent learning. Learners with Tangram are currently capable of quickly applying the German language actively and creatively. O f course, our entire course selection is also available in the form of a private tuition. During the lecture period usually once a week there is a German course for students from level B1 upwards. Lesson times. Choose from German courses at Language International. Objective: Tangram currently leads to the levels A1, A2 and B1 and specifically prepares you for the exams Start German 1 and 2 or Certificate in German before.

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No matter what level you are on right now, you can start your German course in our school in Berlin any Monday you like. The graded language test: German test for immigrants. A1, A2 or B1? How well do you speak German? Take the placement test to find the right German course for you and then start DW's free German course. The B1 Course takes you a level up in your German. The course rounds off the basic grammatical knowledge taught in the preparatory courses for certificates A1 and A2.

Yearround german courses for all ages and skills in Vienna Austria next to Germany. Pantheon the best German language institute in Delhi accords you with the best German language classes in Delhi. This course is designed to teach practical and useful German conversation. With our course German intensive 12, you will improve your skills within 4 weeks and reach the next level.

Admission is only possible in A1 course and not in higher levels such as A2 or B1 irrespective of your level of knowledge and previous language school.

Besides, you will learn about the academic system in Germany and get to know other students. Besides topics from Previous knowledge, B1. A placement test - consisting of a written and an oral part on your first Monday - will make sure that you will be learning with others of a similar level. We have now resolved the issue. ORG: languages. Then the German course in Vienna is the perfect solution for you. If you're still experiencing issues, please clear your cache by If you need a visa, then a German intensive course would be the right program to help you.

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.


These courses are designed for adult students who have completed B1. Additional B1 and B2 courses start on September 2 especially for those but not only. The best way to achieve the right level for each exam is to attend a German Intensive Course. German Evening Course B1. Highly recommended is a B1 exam from Goethe Institute.

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It is a version of the German test for immigrants A2-B1revised for Austria. More and more students are requested to obtain a certain German language level A1, A2 or B1 before applying for German student visa. Last ever Marathon promotion Take the challenge Speak a language confidently in just three months. So if you are aiming for a German B2 course, but still have some uncertainties and roadblocks to overcome, then maybe German B1.

Not every student has good options of completing those levels in a short time in their home country. Penguin Little Black Classics. Prize winners. Science fiction, fantasy.

Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course
Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Course

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