Seizures in Dogs and Cats

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Seizures in Dogs & Cats: An Integrative Approach with Natural Options

Unfortunately, PB, KBr, and Primidone and may have serious side effects in your pet: liver damage, drowsiness, weight gain, change in personality, and interfering with bone marrow so that your pet has insufficient infection-fighting white blood cells and blood clotting cells thrombocytes. To decrease the possibility of side effects—which are more severe as the dosage is increased—some veterinarians recommend using smaller amounts of two medications rather than a large amount of one medication.

Veterinarians also recommend avoiding toxins and using supplements to support the brain and liver so that medication dosages can be kept to a minimum. If your pet is diagnosed with seizures and prescribed these medications, be aware that PB and KBr are slow to become effective. Phenobarbital takes two weeks to reach a steady state and KBr takes three to four months. Periodic blood tests are necessary to measure your pet's blood levels. For pets on KBr, it's important not to change the amount of salt in the diet.

Because KBr is a salt, it competes with normal table salt to remain in the body. If your pet's salt intake suddenly increases because you switch to a different pet food or give salty treats such as hot dogs, luncheon meats, or ham, the kidneys recognize there is sudden increase in salt.

Four flea, tick products linked to seizures, ataxia

To control the salt level, the kidneys eliminate KBr along with sodium chloride. This elimination lowers the therapeutic blood levels of KBr and can lead to seizures. Phenobarbital PB and Primidone can lower thyroid hormones T4 and increase thyroid stimulating hormone TSH , creating hypothyroidism in dogs.

In addition to affecting hormones, PB can affect and be affected by other medications. For example, PB decreases the effect of these medications: oral anticoagulants such as warfarin, steroids such as Prednisone , antibiotics Doxycycline and Metronidazole , and the asthma drug Theophylline.

Dr. Allen Schoen

Do not be tempted to try Phenytoin, valproic acid, and Carbamazepine. These are effective human anti-seizure medications but they do not work the same in pets as they do in people.

Cat Seizure

Some medications increase the possibility that pets will have seizures. These prescription medications should not ever be given: Acepromazine, Ketamine, and Xylazine Rompun.

Pet Seizures

Anti-seizure medication is recommended for pets that have more than one seizure every four to six weeks, have cluster seizures, have extremely violent seizures, are less than a year old when seizures begin, have structural problems within the brain causing the seizure hydrocephalus, cancer , or are aggressive during recovery. Surgery helps brachycephalic dogs with short, flat noses so that more oxygen reaches their brains.

The surgery shortens the soft palate so that the throat doesn't collapse and widens the tiny nostrils so that more air enters the nose. Holistic veterinarians recommend the following to decrease the severity and frequency of seizures:.

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It is dangerous for you and your pet to place anything in your pet's mouth during the seizure. Pets having a seizure don't swallow normally and medication put in their mouths can run down into the lungs. It is also dangerous for you, the pet guardian, because your pet may bite during a seizure. Diazepam Rx can be given rectally to a seizing pet.

Homeopathic medications, such as Aconitum, Cocculus, and Nux Vomica, can be given rectally. If your pet has gold beads implanted at acupuncture points, they can be massaged during a seizure. Pets are a lot like people, so keep them healthy as best as you can by following the same advice as you would for a human having a seizure. Sign In.

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Two drugs are licensed for the treatment of primary epilepsy in dogs; Phenobarbital commonly prescribed under the trade name EpiphenTM and Imepitoin prescribed under the trade name PexionTM. No medication is licensed for cats but we have lots of experience of treating cats with phenobarbital.

These medications are only used in special circumstances are not recommended in the first-line treatment of epilepsy in animals. The main reason for this is that dogs metabolise these medications very quickly and they are less effective in dogs than they are in people. With most AEDs side effects of treatment can be expected to occur. These side effects are typically worse in the first few weeks of treatment and their severity may decrease with time.

Common dose-dependent side effects include increased thirst and hunger consequently urination and weight gain , lethargy, panting, hyper-excitability and possibly wobbliness. Your neurology clinician or primary care vet will discuss with you what side effects may be expected with medication. It is very important to keep a seizure diary for your pet.

The diary should include the date, the number of, the duration and appearance and severity of the seizure s , whether there was any obvious precipitating cause, whether abnormal behaviour was seen in the period after a seizure post-ictal period. Sharing these diaries with your neurology clinician or primary care vet will assist them in assessing whether treatment is reaching its goals.

In addition, it will help to de-emotionalise the seizure experience if you and your family understand what should be done when they occur. It is understandable that you will want to comfort your pet but only hold them if they have stopped actively seizing and if they are seeking attention. If your neurology clinician or primary care vet has prescribed rectal diazepam this can be administered as instructed if it is safe to do so. The Prognosis The outcome of a surgery, or a treatment. In oncology normally refers to the expected life span of the patient. Occasional visits to your primary care vet may be required during the course of treatment.

What is a seizure?

Some AEDs will be metabolised by the liver. This metabolism can increase with time, meaning higher drug dosages may be required to maintain the same concentration of the drug in the blood. Your vet may suggest blood tests every few months to assess the concentration of the AED in the blood, or to assess the function of the liver. What is Epilepsy? How can I tell if my dog has Epilepsy? What is the cause of Epilepsy? How is Epilepsy diagnosed?

How is Epilepsy treated?

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  5. What can you do to help your Epileptic pet? During a seizure you should do the following things to protect your pet: Move any objects from around your pet that they may injure themselves on e. Patient story. Fitzpatrick Referrals.

    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats Seizures in Dogs and Cats
    Seizures in Dogs and Cats

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