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Any one who has an interest in where this open source movement came from and where it's heading will enjoy this book. It's a great read.

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Many of these are of interest to system administrators, but others benefit the home or strictly workstation user. I often refer to this text for information to supplement that found in Linux distribution manuals. A warning: This book appeared to me to be written by a Unix expert, but billed as Linux also when the publisher realized that the "Linux" name would help the book sell. In any case, it does offer answers to some excellent "help desk" type questions and covers a wide range of subject areas offering plenty of useful examples.

However, if you think man pages are too long, you know the command you want to use, and you just want a quick reference for syntax, this is your book! I liked the layout of the book and its compact size. The command, syntax, synopsis, and options with explanations make it a great reference manual.

It's an excellent Unix command dictionary and if that is what you are looking for I recommend it. My only disclaimer is that I've never used it with Linux since it sits on my bookshelf at work so I don't know how Linux friendly it is but there is a Linux in a Nutshell that I plan on getting soon. I soon found out why he gave me the book I only had access to vi, a cryptic quirky, and unforgiving editor. I attempted to learn vi without the book thinking "How hard could it be?

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The book was small, compact, and concise. After skimming the first two chapters and ripping out the "Quick Reference Guide" I was off! I can now edit text files without crying. I have even found vi to be quite powerful despite its age. Reading the book I learned that many of vi's commands are great time savers.

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In short this book helped me save my hair. I would recommend this book to anybody who is forced to or for some unknown reason chooses to use the vi editor. The Quick Reference alone is probably worth half the price of the book! The book is laid out in a fashion designed to get you up and running with the samba suite of programs. I found the chapters on Windows networking protocols cleared up most of my questions about how to use the Samba program. An extensive section on the configuration file with real world examples and starting point made getting Samba running a snap.

The book also comes with a CD containing source code and pre compiled binaries. Greg J. I became comfortable with it and really liked it. Then at work I was put onto a machine with csh bash was not available. I felt like a duck out of water. My old trusty history by arrow keys was gone! I didn't know how to edit my profile files. I needed help!

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This book opened my eyes to the power of what I had previously considered a quirky, cryptic shell. It is simple, concise, and informative. I learned how to configure my. This book also covers tcsh commands in great detail. In fact, after reading the sections on tsch I was quite tempted to install it on my computer due to its great power and flexibility.

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  • I highly recommend this book to anybody forced to use csh or tcsh or interested in learning this very powerful Unix shell. Schwartz, pp, Learning Perl is a must have for anyone interested in learning Perl. The book offers excellent introductory information in an easy to read style. Explanations of code pieces lend to a well-reasoned and intuitive presentation. Knowledge in another programming language is not absolutely necessary, but it certainly helps. Expect to be creating Perl programs within an hour or reading Learning Perl.

    While perfectly geared for the beginner, a more definitive Perl reference is soon required see Programming Perl as Learning Perl does not go beyond a rather topical introduction to a language extremely rich in features, functions and options. Schwartz, ste Potter, pp, While this book is an indispensible Perl reference, it is not for the beginner.

    For those with little or no Perl programming experience, I would recommend Learning Perl , by the same authors. Though written in an easy to read manner, the concepts and content are difficult and the book is short on practical examples. Be prepared to search for additional information elsewhere to develop a complete understanding.

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    As an advanced Perl reference manual, Programming Perl is excellent. For an advanced Perl tutorial, look elsewhere. Unfortunately, these same details are contained in the Linux man-pages. Similar to the man-pages, Unix Shell Programming is short on examples and packed with technical detail.

    One aspect I did find useful in Unix Shell Programming was the comparisons between the various shells on particular programming structures. Little else is offered to the reader that can't be found in free Linux documentation. All concepts are clearly explained, with no shortage of diagrams, and configuration examples are plentiful. The instructions necessary for setting up a base server are contained in a single chapter, making setup a breeze. Advanced setup proved just as easy if only more time consuming. I implemented functions I didn't even know I needed with very little trouble.

    There must be something wrong, right? An annoyance, in any case, is the inclusion of syntax for BIND 4 which is apparently still in wide use version 8. I don't care. I bought a new book. I want information on the newest version without a huge portion of the text just "getting in my way". While a minor inconvenience, this perturbed me most for the added cost of a book pumped up with information that I can't use.

    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM
    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM
    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM
    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM
    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM
    The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM The UNIX CD bookshelf 6 bestselling books on CD-ROM

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